it getting started

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

time to move on.
it should and it must.
because we got the philosophy.

is one thing i need to move on.
and i have it now.
so, what should i do?
BELAJAR la wehh!!
ISL melambak tak buat ni.

have fun :D

i want to meet face to face

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

a text message appear from my mobile phone screen.
send by a person i recognize very well.
the content of the messages somehow make me sad.
is it? i didn't know actually. maybe kot.

do you want to know the content of the message?
okay.. okay.. i tell u.
"wan.. abg roslee kata malas la nak tgk jason mraz."

is there anyone want to treat me watching jason mraz concert?
hehe :P

i hate...!!!

Monday, 23 February 2009

a person.
who take or use another person things.
without asking or told the owner.
isn't that stealing?


it gone.
all the hope.
that u have create.

u giving hope.
but u didn't take the opportunity.
now what happen?

now u have been left behind.
but don't u worry.
i'm still by ur side.
u will never walk alone.


Sunday, 22 February 2009

duit pembawa masalah.
sama ada kita tiada duit.
ataupun kita ada duit.
semuanya perlu duit.
duit lah penyebabnya.

semasa tiada duit.
kita selalu merasakan susah.
hendak pergi tandas pun perlu duit.
apatah lagi nak mini cooper. huhu.
selalu mengimpikan duit yang banyak.
dihati duit merupakan kebahagiaan.

adakah kita perlu duit untuk bahagia?
adakah berkawan juga perlu duit?
adakah melihat juga perlu duit?
adakah mendengar juga perlu duit?
adakah sembahyang juga perlu duit?
adakah duit punca kebahagiaan?

adakah anda tahu bahawa mempunyai duit juga bermasalah?
kebanyakkan orang kaya takut kehilangan duit mereka.
sebab itu mereka tidak bahagia walaupun mempunyai duit yang banyak.
mereka juga sentiasa mencari jalan untuk tidak membayar cukai.
adakah anda tahu kebahagiaan yang sebenar tidak dapat dibeli?
kerana kebahagiaan yang sebenar tidak ternilai.
walaupun sekadar senyuman yang ikhlas mampu memiliki kebahagiaan.
tapi adakah dengan duit kita mampu memilikinya?

aku hadapi masalah yang sama.
untuk menguruskan duit.
kerana aku seorang yang BOROS.
ya. mempunyai duit juga satu masalah.
apa yang harus aku lakukan?
cuma satu penyelesaian yang aku sentiasa lakukan.
meminta khidmat pengurus kewanganku yang setia.
iaitu ibu bapaku.
kerana kerestuan mereka merupakan satu keberkatan.
dengan keberkatan kita sentiasa hidup bahagia.
serta berdoalah kepada-Nya.

kepada rakan-rakan.
uruskanlah duit anda dengan sebijak mungkin.
sesal dahulu pendapatan.
sesal kemudian tidak berguna lagi.
dan sentiasalah ikhlas dalam perlakuan.
insyaAllah keberkatan menjadi jaminan kebahagiaan.


Saturday, 21 February 2009

wahai sahabat ku.
yang ku jumpa di SMKTT.
walaupun lepas SPM baru kita CLOSE.

aku jeles ang pi tengok YUNA.
tak ajak pon.. haha.
jom pi tengok JASON MRAZ.

one after another

hilang satu beban.
esok aku mahu bergembira dengan berlari-lari keriangan.

happy or sad?

Thursday, 19 February 2009

which one?

today. Wednesday.
the day that i have to go through.
even though i did not want to.
that i have to suffer this semester.
the most boring and sleepy class is this day.

so many work.
everyday is a working day.
have to rushing. time is gold.
work lecturer + drama.
i need spare time! who have?

so tired.
hurt everywhere in my body.
but luckily i had new sweetheart.
make my day brighter.
give me smile that i shouldn't have.
make me forgot all the hardship happen to me.
that it.
it was so long for me to have my own boots.!
love u my precious.. haha :-D


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

why u said it if u don't mean it?

why must we follow it?

why i hate that kind of attitude?

why must we had the problem that u created?

pikirlah sendiri

is it true? arghhh....

Monday, 16 February 2009

it couldn't be.
i try to ignore the fact.
that what he said is true.
why u have to said that word paan?
but, if he didn't say, i will ignore myself.

thanks paan.
i will strive myself to do something for it.
even if it hard.
i will try to do it also.
i will make a comeback.
wait and see..

one way to be success is TRY!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

today. i try to speak out loud.
so. i done it. i try.
well. it not so hard. not at all maybe?
the important thing is i TRY! :D
better then i DON'T TRY right?
at least i got something when i try.
then i got nothing when i'm not.

it is not hard.
all u need to do is build up a little bit of confident.
then push yourself to try to do it.
with your understanding of that things.
and speak it out loud.
don't afraid if you are wrong. put that feeling somewhere else.
there is what we called LEARNING.
a process where the misunderstanding is fixed with the correct one.
the most important things is...
when you try and success, you will get the satisfying feelings.
so, do not afraid. just do it. :D

i have try. you?

day too much of dugaan

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

soooo tired.
want to sleep. but i can't
to much thing need to be settle.

life is hard ek?
but in other point of view.
this might be the best thing.
hemmm... life without anything is

my roomate
he hurt. really hurt.
in the stomach. but me? just ignored it..
im bad, ain't i? hum..
i thought it was normal stomach-ache.
until 4 hours later that i do realise that he not kidding.
i told him to go to hospital.
rushing to the warden. meet tajol? he sleep dead. huh.
meet with en hamid. few knock on the door he awake.
wow. this is really good warden.
my roomate safely go to the nearest hospital. HUKM.

that night also, i meet with 2 little fellow.
one brown colour, one orange+black colour.
2 little cute kitty. feel pity to them.
huhu... mereka seperti sangat kasihan.
nak ja aku bela depa. tapi aku pon tak terbela.
but, what should i call them?
any suggestion?

im try to love work..
im try to enjoy work..
so that i can be happy..


still confuse about it.
non could make me clear.
but a decision must be made.
but i want it wise.
still need to think about it.
really need information and opinion+advice.
i want it to be perfect.
no less.

burden by work.
which im myself create it.
the POSTPONE HABIT eat myself back.
deserve u right la weii!
haha. dush!

fail to think is think to fail

Sunday, 8 February 2009

still breath in this world.
HE still give me a chance to improve myself.
that why it was FATE who meet me with them.

all thanks goes to my friend =miss RARA for inviting.
intention of seeking new knowledge make me there.
hear his word make me somehow thinking.
all of us have a responsibility.
but it depend on us to do what with the responsibility.
it our choice to make a decision.
somehow, decision really need a mind to work hard.
which hoping it turn out to be good for everyone.

influence. maybe someone may said that to me.
i don't care as long it was something good.
*selepas muhasabah diri yang agak lama.
i think i should plan my future.
make my mind to work super hard.
to create a decision of my destiny.
for what i should be.
and what i should do.
to begin creating my path of life.

a lot of thanks to RARA family for comfortable welcome.
also to EN BAHARIN for the word he said.
that make me a lot to think from now on.
thanks for the knowledge that had been given.
the skill and the technique of the cooking also. :D

we had our plan.
ALLAH also had HIS plan.
so, better think out of it. :D

anjakkan paradigma

just delete the old article of mine.
wonder why?
there is a reason for my action.

i want to move on to the new stage of thinking.
i don't want to look back on my old self.
i want to force myself to be the new me.

think before act
although my new policies are
yes is the new no
*seperti biasa, terpengaruh..

creating the new me.
creating the new history.
with all the hope in my heart.
i wish i could do it.
i will strive my self for the best.
and be the better person.
which happen to have thought of it now.
*selepas muhasabah diri yang agak lama.
it time to move on.
hope no more BIG TALK

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