day too much of dugaan

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

soooo tired.
want to sleep. but i can't
to much thing need to be settle.

life is hard ek?
but in other point of view.
this might be the best thing.
hemmm... life without anything is

my roomate
he hurt. really hurt.
in the stomach. but me? just ignored it..
im bad, ain't i? hum..
i thought it was normal stomach-ache.
until 4 hours later that i do realise that he not kidding.
i told him to go to hospital.
rushing to the warden. meet tajol? he sleep dead. huh.
meet with en hamid. few knock on the door he awake.
wow. this is really good warden.
my roomate safely go to the nearest hospital. HUKM.

that night also, i meet with 2 little fellow.
one brown colour, one orange+black colour.
2 little cute kitty. feel pity to them.
huhu... mereka seperti sangat kasihan.
nak ja aku bela depa. tapi aku pon tak terbela.
but, what should i call them?
any suggestion?

im try to love work..
im try to enjoy work..
so that i can be happy..


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