one way to be success is TRY!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

today. i try to speak out loud.
so. i done it. i try.
well. it not so hard. not at all maybe?
the important thing is i TRY! :D
better then i DON'T TRY right?
at least i got something when i try.
then i got nothing when i'm not.

it is not hard.
all u need to do is build up a little bit of confident.
then push yourself to try to do it.
with your understanding of that things.
and speak it out loud.
don't afraid if you are wrong. put that feeling somewhere else.
there is what we called LEARNING.
a process where the misunderstanding is fixed with the correct one.
the most important things is...
when you try and success, you will get the satisfying feelings.
so, do not afraid. just do it. :D

i have try. you?


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