fail to think is think to fail

Sunday, 8 February 2009

still breath in this world.
HE still give me a chance to improve myself.
that why it was FATE who meet me with them.

all thanks goes to my friend =miss RARA for inviting.
intention of seeking new knowledge make me there.
hear his word make me somehow thinking.
all of us have a responsibility.
but it depend on us to do what with the responsibility.
it our choice to make a decision.
somehow, decision really need a mind to work hard.
which hoping it turn out to be good for everyone.

influence. maybe someone may said that to me.
i don't care as long it was something good.
*selepas muhasabah diri yang agak lama.
i think i should plan my future.
make my mind to work super hard.
to create a decision of my destiny.
for what i should be.
and what i should do.
to begin creating my path of life.

a lot of thanks to RARA family for comfortable welcome.
also to EN BAHARIN for the word he said.
that make me a lot to think from now on.
thanks for the knowledge that had been given.
the skill and the technique of the cooking also. :D

we had our plan.
ALLAH also had HIS plan.
so, better think out of it. :D


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